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Don't Let Your Pipes Freeze

Don't Let Your Pipes Freeze

We are in the thick of Chicago’s annual cold front with temperatures hitting well below 0 F this week.  Here are some things we ask our tenants to do to try and prevent pipes from freezing, as well as some things you can do to better your chances of not having any frozen pipes.

                                                                                         Things tenants can do to prevent frozen pipes

  1. Leave the cold water dripping out of all sinks and tubs. When water is flowing, it is less likely to freeze up.

  2. Open up cabinet doors under the sinks to let the warm air in.

  3. Now is not the time to save on your heating costs! Even if you are leaving for the week to warmer weather, you must leave the heat on in your unit - set to at least 65 degrees.

  4. If your pipes freeze, let us know ASAP! It could be the difference between a few hours without water and a flood in your unit!

  5. Be sure all doors, windows, etc., in your unit are closed at all times. Report any open windows or doors in the common areas to management.

                                                                                               Things owners can do to prevent frozen pipes

  1. Get your pipes wrapped, especially any that are underground. This will give better odds that, in the future, they will not freeze.

  2. Make sure your walls are insulated, especially if you have pipes on the outside walls.

  3. Make sure no hoses are attached to the outside spigots during winter time.

  4. Add an electric space heater in rooms that may not get enough heat. Use extreme caution whenever placing a space heater to avoid flammable materials.