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Preparing for holiday travel

Preparing for holiday travel

Keeping your property safe and secure during the winter holidays

First off, we at Chicago Style Management want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season! Many of us are getting back to a semblance of normalcy, and holiday travel is a part of that. Here are some quick tips to help ensure your return home is peaceful.

Preparing for freezing temps

Even if you'll be in your own home for the holidays, your investment properties may be left vacant by tenants travelling! Make sure the heat is above 60F, the water is running at least at a trickle, and the cabinets by water lines are left open. Having someone check on your properties periodically is imperative: Not just for preventing a pipe from bursting, but watching for things like broken windows and accumulating ice and snow. Ice dams can result in especially costly repairs! And don't forget: Be sure to give your tenants proper notice prior to entering the units. Even if it's an emergency, you still need to notify them, so make sure you have their current contact information.

Winterizing vacant units

If you have a detached property that is, or will be, vacant, and you expect it to be for the duration of the winter season, you may be considering to winterize it. That means you'll need to drain and then insulate the pipes - no water in any lines or vessels (e.g., flush the toilets!), then turning the water off at the main supply point. It's still recommended to have the heat on low over turning off utilities, with at least a couple lights on a timer, but you can certainly empty the refrigerator and unplug appliances. And, not only can strong winds, accumulating snow, and ice, damage your property, but animals seeking shelter may find your investment warm and safe.

Preventing the worst

Many people like using the video doorbells and alarm systems, but they can't see and prevent everything that can go wrong. Having someone periodically visit your property is still strongly suggested. There are unfortunately predators haunting neighborhoods looking for vacant properties, and even something as simple as a car periodically pulling in and out of a driveway to tidy things up can have bad guys moving on to an easier target. If your property will be vacant, you'll still want someone to stop by. Shoveling snow, raking leaves, picking up free newspapers and flyers - these are all great prevention tools!


Want to just enjoy your holidays? We have a solution! Give Chicago Style Management a call at 224-601-5415 and let us maintain your investment all year long!