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Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

A nickel in time can save a dime, has been a model I grew up hearing from my Dad all the time.  I truly believe in this which is why we have a preventative maintenance schedule for our buildings.  This schedule is set up to keep your property in its best condition, so tenants stay happy, cap x costs stay low and or predictable and when it's time to sell your value is as high as it can be.  Below is our basic schedule.  Obviously some buildings do not need certain parts of this plan (such as boiler drains if you don’t have a boiler) so we will customize our schedule to your building's needs.

Monthly Maintenance

By weekly Cleans of common areas

Not only does keeping the common area clean promote tenants to keep their unit clean, it also allows our team to have more touch

points with the building and quickly notice anything that goes arrear so we can make the repair before it becomes a bigger issue.

By weekly lawn care during spring and summer

Keep your lawn looking nice, this helps get quality tenants and keeps the city from writing you a ticket.

Snow removal and salting when it snows.

When it snows we make sure to have our team there as soon as possible to prevent and slip and falls as well as tickets from the city.

Drain boilers in the winter

If you have a boiler that requires this is will keep your boilers running smoothly and lesson the likely hood of leaks in the radiators


Quarterly Maintenance

Preventative pest management

Stop the problem before it begins with quarterly preventative pest control to keep the critters out.

Tenants filters delivered

Tenants on our lease get filters delivered to them to prevent them from forgetting to change the filter and keep your furnaces life span as long as possible

Annual Maintenance

Gutter cleanings and Roof inspection

Gutters when working properly prevent water from destroying your brick or siding. This can only work if the gutters stay clean so we make sure they are working properly as well as do a roof inspection to make sure your home is not going to have any spring or summer time leaks.

Furnace clean and check up

Keeping your furnaces ready to go is vital for preventing those 3 am calls of no heat in the middle of winter that can be costly.


A/C Condenser cleaning

Outside has tons of mildew and leaves that get into the condensers not cleaning these can turn a 10 to 15 year life span into 5 to 8 very easily, plus can trigger allergies of your tenants.

Bleed Radiators

If you have radiators, making sure they are properly balanced will prevent units from getting too hot or cold and prevent leaks.

preventative jetting of sewer lines if history of back ups


If we know we have tree line that cause back ups annually it is much cheaper to do the work when a plumber has free time than in the middle of the night when a back up happens.

Power wash exterior of the home

Keep mildew from causing more issues on your home and keep the building looking in tip top shape

Inspections of tenant units

Annual inspections to make sure there are no little problems that can turn into big expenses down the road. Also makes sure that tenants are emotionally stable and not hoarders that can cause roaches or worse major damage to your property.

Unit tune ups

A unit tune up includes just making sure all the little things are cared for, we use drano to make sure there is no build ups that will cause clogged sinks, wd 40 on the doors to make sure they stay closing properly, We make sure all the screws of the door knobs are not coming loose, Check the fire alarms to make sure they are working and check all of the screens to make sure there are not any missing or any big holes.  

Dryer vent cleanings

If your building has laundry this prevents fires.

As stated above these are not all 100% needed on all buildings and if you are a client of ours we will come up with a solution that works for you and your property, to make sure it stays in the best shape possible.