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Updates on Evictions in Chicago as of 2-22-22

Updates on Evictions in Chicago as of 2-22-22

Happy 2’s Day, everyone!

Back in October, evictions were allowed again in Chicago, and we are starting to get some actual data on how they are working and have a clearer understanding on what we can expect when an eviction is filed.

  • The time to get a tenant served by the court (and get that first court appearance scheduled!) is currently sitting at an average of 60 days. In 2019, this would have been a 14-day process.

  • After the tenant is served by a court processor, the first few court dates (28 days after each other) will be used to try to get the tenant on a payment plan. That, or to get them rental assistance through Chicago's ERAP program.

  • If a payment plan is approved, the tenant will waive their rights to a trial. If they miss a payment, or if the tenant does not pay on time, a motion can be filed for the eviction to be granted.

  • If no plan is reached, the case will move to a trial room. The average time for a trial to finish is currently between six and nine months.  

Our attorneys are advising us to file quickly! If payments are late, you’ll want to start the process, because it’s going to be much longer than it used to be. And, be sure to work with the court-ordered payment plans as they are because they’re still the fastest way to either get paid or get that eviction order if they lapse.


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