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The Landlording Show Episode 00: Launch Episode

So, welcome everybody to the Landlording Show. I am your host, Tim Harstead. This is our launch episode, and I just wanted to touch base and talk a little about what this show will cover. This way, you'll know whether to subscribe and come back next week when we start our real episodes with more interesting topics.

A little background on myself: I'm based in Chicago and own a property management company. We manage properties mostly in the C and D class areas on the South Side and some south suburbs—some of the rougher neighborhoods. We also handle A and B class properties in Chicago. We have extensive knowledge of managing rentals and buildings, both new and old, and dealing with a wide range of tenants.

This show will be a bit different from many real estate investing shows. While there are plenty of resources on how to invest in real estate, find and finance great deals, and leverage those into more opportunities, there are fewer shows that focus on what to do once you own the properties to maximize profitability both short and long term.

We'll discuss and bring guests on to talk about various topics like insurance, ensuring your legal documents are correct, and preventive maintenance. Spending a little now can save you thousands later by preventing issues. We’ll also delve into other areas like tax, legal, and maintenance, and I will share insights from my solo episodes on what I’m seeing in the industry.

Having managed so many properties, I've dealt with everything from tenants with guns to hoarders. We've had good times, and we maintain a strong working relationship with law enforcement, including the sheriff's department and the Chicago Police Department, due to past incidents. I hope to help you navigate similar challenges.

There are two ways to manage your property: hiring a property manager or doing it yourself. We'll discuss how to ensure a property manager fits your properties and ideology and, if you manage yourself, how to do so effectively.

I'll also cover CEO-level tasks like challenging property taxes and maximizing tax deductions. These topics and more will be part of our bi-weekly episodes. So, hit subscribe, let us know in the comments what topics you’re interested in or guests you'd like us to feature. We’re going to cover the less glamorous aspects of property management, like dealing with clogged toilets, leaking roofs, tenant violence, and working with tenant groups that place individuals who may be challenging.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me. Please subscribe and stay with us for a while. Your feedback and new ideas are always welcome, so don't hesitate to let us know what you want to see on the show. Have a great rest of your week, and we'll see you shortly with our first full episode.